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Yoga a step to healthy & peaceful life

successful Yoga practiceThe adoption of a yoga lifestyle is an integral part of a successful yoga practice. Progress in yoga depends not only on your efforts on the mat. It is equally important to consider what you do off the mat for the rest of the day. Every moment in your life develops different situations that require your answer. You can answer positively or negatively. It does not even work.

Setting Chief Goal of Your Life

SETTING CHIEF GOAL OF YOUR LIFEWithout a specific purpose in life, progress can be small. The main goal of life must be well defined. This will enable you to get to know the purpose of the journey and enable you to direct all your energies in one direction. All other material and spiritual / yoga purposes must be consistent with this primary goal.

Selecting Your Yoga Path

SELECTING-YOUR-YOGA-PATHOnce you get to know your yoga goals, you must choose the path you need to follow, depending on your temperament, your level of health/fitness and your level of spiritual awareness. You must set your own yoga path under the guidance of an experienced teacher. To adopt yoga lifestyle, you can focus on hatha yoga, japa yoga, karma yoga or bhakti yoga. Your every action on each of these paths is interlinked. All your actions must be synchronized to achieve profits with the least effort. Remember also that for serious practising yoga, the goal is already defined, i.e. Realization of unity with divinity.

Realise Your Infinite Potential

Each of us is born with infinite potential, but we forget about this reality and plunge into many problems, many of which are just the imagination of our mind. Our soul is a mirror image of the highest consciousness. Our senses and ego reduce the soul’s light, limiting our power of consciousness and discrimination. Pray to God, surrender to God and open your heart so that His infinite Grace will enliven your soul. Opening the door is in your hands. God loves each one of us.

Introspect and Improve Life

Intense and continuous introspection can help you first identify your limitations before you find a mistake in others. Be a constant observer of your thoughts and actions. You need to improve before you embark on a reform of the world.

Aim for Continuous Improvement

Yoga practice requires a disciplined approach and self-control. Prosecuting is his biggest enemy. You must force yourself to practice yoga for the first 40 to 50 days until yoga practice becomes part of your life. Make yoga a priority in your life, even if you practice yoga for half an hour a day. Start yoga now and do it every day. Progress in yoga is slow. Regular practice ensures constant and continuous progress.

Human Life Is Precious

A human body is an amazing but perishable gift given by God to you. You are lucky to get birth in the human form. You have a finite time in this birth; do not waste your life by running after unreal things. Utilise this birth to work relentlessly for the betterment of life and ultimately achieve salvation. Do not waste time. Engage in noble deeds.

Let Go of EGO

Ego is the way we perceive reality by moving around this world. He is false and we must realize our true inner self. Ego is a false self that gives the impression that he knows everything. All life problems are perceived and solved by our ego. You have to let go of the ego, but it will require a lot of effort to identify our ego and then defeat the ego. This means that you must understand our true self and see the world without going through the prism of our ego.

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