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Why You Should Test Your Dog for Diabetes

TEST YOUR DOG FOR DIABETESWhen your dog grows old, talk to your veterinarian about routine blood tests to make sure your dog is healthy. This blood work will help to rule out problems with the kidneys and liver, anaemia, infections, problems with electrolyte and diabetes.

Reasons to Test Your Dog for Diabetes

Your Dog will Live Longer

Diabetes can shorten the life of a dog because secondary complications and infections may occur. In the case of diabetes, the body undergoes immunosuppressant and there is a greater likelihood of diabetic complications that cause long-term dog injury.

Your Dog will be Able to See

Dog take careDid you know that most dogs with diabetes eventually become blind because of cataracts? Even in well-controlled dogs with diabetes, excess sugar in the body may have secondary effects on the lens of the eye; it causes a greater supply of water to the lens, which disturbs the transparency of the lens. The result is a cataract which ultimately results in blindness and secondary inflammation in both eyes. Although cataract surgery can (and should ideally) be performed, it can be expensive.

You will Save a Lot of Money

Cute DogDiabetes treatment includes insulin twice a day, insulin syringes, prescription diets and frequent veterinary visits for blood tests. In addition, because diabetic dogs cannot go without insulin, it may mean having caregivers or pet caregivers to treat your pet while you are on vacation. Taking care of a dog with diabetes requires frequent visits to the vet to regulate the level of sugar in the blood. He said that dogs can live with diabetes for years with adequate care and treatment. If in doubt, carefully monitor your dog for signs of diabetes and ask your vet rather than later to help you test this ever-growing problem!



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