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Why Hockey Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Historical Background

Historical-BackgroundThere is a depiction from approximately 600BC in Ancient Greece, where the game may have called Keretizein because it plays with a horn or horn like stick. Originally, the game had brought by British serviceman and like cricket it soon became a famous sport with the local population. Many hockey historians have been looking for the smallest piece of evidence that would reveal the secrets of the origin of hockey. Carl Giden is a medical doctor who has been researching the origin of hockey for more than two decades. He made news in 2008, together with Patrick Houda, when they announced their discovery of a reference to ice hockey played in 1839, on Chppawa Greek (Niagara Falls, Ontario).

Pakistan Hockey Federation

After this, Pakistan Hockey Federation came into being in 1948, In the 1958 Asian games, Pakistan drew against Japan, South Korea, Malysia, and arch rivals India.In1960, Pakistan won the gold medal, defeating India 1-0 with a goal by Nasser Bunda in the final round held at Olympic velodrome. For the 1962 Asian games, Pakistan earned its second gold medal with Chaudry Gulam Rasool as the captain leading the team to another successive award. It is a game in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or puck into the opponent’s goal using a stick. There are many types of it such as Bandy, Field hockey and Ice hockey.


Hockey has ancestral variants reaching right back into ancient times and cultures. It is the best starting point from which to study hockey as the term Uni-Hoc. It basically stands for universalas a bare bones version of the classical game. Uni-Hoc generally has a puck and cheap plastic sticks, to play this game player do not injure and get more thrill of it.

Field Hockey Apparel

Field-HockeyIt is related to hockey family. The earliest origin of this game is in England the game plays on grass field, turf field or indoor board surface. Each team has eleven players including goalie. Player’s use wooden sticks which are made by the combination of fiber and carbon glass. Today this game plays globally with particular popularity. In 1969, president of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), Air Marshal Nur Khan was the first senior official who floated the idea of organizing Field Hockey’s very own world cup. He proposed his idea to the (FIH) through Patrick Rowley, the first editor of the world hockey magazine .Their idea approved on October 26, 1969 and adopted by the (FIH) council at a meeting in Brussels on April12, 1970. The FIH decided that the inaugural world cup would be held in October 1971 in Pakistan. Khan went to donate the World Cup Trophy and later on, he gave the Champion Trophy to the International Hockey.

Indoor Floor Hockey

Floor hockey first introduced at 1970 as a Special olympics world winter games. It adapted from the ice hockey and ringette .Its related to the hockey family which played indoor.

Floor Ball Hockey


Floor ball is a type of floor hockey, which played with five players and a goalkeeper. This match lasted in three twenty minute periods. This game called Indoor Bandy, Inne bandy, Sali bandy and Uni hockey. It first played in Gothenburg at 1970 s. In 1997, the women’s World Floor ball Championship played in Mariehamn and Sweden won this tournament and came in the first list World Champions in the history of women’s floor ball.

Hockey Ball

Ball hockey is a game variation of ice hockey and particular variation of street hockey. It called the street hockey. Some places in Canada, it called road hockey. It played both indoor and outdoor, however Ball used instead of hockey puck. At 1572, in North America, natives observed to play this game in different manner. In 1960 s, Canada become the first nation to play this game in an organized leagues.

Ice Hockey in Canada


Ice hockey is famous in Canada, Eastern Europe and the Northern areas of the United States. It is a sport which played on ice, usually in a rink in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shout a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent’s net to score points. Its teams consisting usually of six players, who stake up and down the ice trying to take the puck and score a goal against the opposite team.  In North America, the National Hockey League (NHL) is the highest level for men and it is the most popular. The International ice hockey federation (IIHF) is the formal governing body for the International ice hockey. It manages International tournaments and maintains the IIHF world ranking.



History inception of this game has occurred long back in 18th century in Russia Though this game was pretty much similar as that of hockey but rules not matched. Bandy is one of the most popular winter game in all over the world. As the sport, it played a lot like Ice Hockey. There is much confusion with it, and generally it considered as a form of hockey. Bandy played in two halves of 45 minutes each. There are eleven players in each time. This sport played with bowed sticks and a ball.

What’s the Difference?

Ice hockey played on ice using sticks but there are some differences between both of Games.

  • Bandy played with ball whereas ice hockey played with a puck.
  • In Bandy both teams have eleven players each whereas in other both teams have six players each
  • Bandy rink is larger than the others rink.
  • Bandy played in two halves of 45 minutes each whereas ice hockey played with three intervals of 20 minutes each.

Water Knee Hockey Rink Game

The idea of this game attributed to Christian Redl, who was an Austrian free driver in the depth under ice. It’s different from ice hockey, and also calls Sub-Equa ice hockey. Underground or water knee hockey played up-side down underneath frozen pools and ponds. Participants loaded with diving masks, fins and web suits and they use the frozen area for playing or floating puck. This game is as fast paced as the divers try to keep warm. There are four teams, so each team has a chance to warm up a bit as well. Players need to come on the surface for about 30sec to take breath of fresh air. Its period lasts 10 minutes and players allows 10 minutes break to warm up. Like ice hockey, they guide a puck into the opposing team’s goal in the under water.

Roller in Line


Roller Inline Hockey is fast paced and free flowing game. There are no blue lines or defensive zones in it unlike ice hockey. There are no off sides is icings that can occur during game play. The first full competitive season for it officially began in North America .Roller Hockey played on asphalt, wooden, cement or sport tile surface. The players use hockey sticks to shoot a hard plastic puck into their opponent’s goal to score points. Teams composed four lines of players. In each line two players stand forward while two defense others. At a time, each line has five players in which the goalie included also.

Hockey Puck


Hockey Puck is a disk which used in hockey as a ball. It made by vulcanized rubber. This puck used in ice hockey. In North America many tribes use puck, ball or curved wooden sticks to play it. Roller Hockey puck is similar which is used in ice hockey puck but it made from plastic and thus lighter. These are flat, solid, black and disk shaped. National Hockey League (NHL) has black pucks.


Rules of Hockey

Rules are authoritative principles or standards for a person to do or not to do in a specific situation. It clarify different laws and policies, which issued by a specific association. Similarly, it is a game, which played all over the world. The International Hockey Federation (FIH) rules committee suggested some rules of it, these are here:

Hockey Ground

  • The field of play is rectangular 91.40 meters long and 55.00 meters wide.
  • Sidelines mark the longer perimeters of the field, back-lines mark the shorter perimeters of the field.
  • The goal- lines are the parts of the back-lines between the goal posts.
  • A center- line marks across the middle of the field.
  • Lines known as 23 meters lines mark across the field 22.90 meters from each back line.
  • All lines are 75 mm wide are parts of the field of play.
  • Flag-posts between 1.20 and 1.50 meters in height are places at each corner of the field.

Field Chalk

  • Lines are75 mm wide must clearly mark along their entire length.
  • The side- lines and back lines and all marking enclosed between them are parts of the field.

White Lines

Other lines and marks are:

  • Side- lines: 91.40 meters long perimeter lines
  • Back- lines: 55.00 meters long perimeter lines
  • Goal- lines: the parts of the back- lines between the goal- posts
  • Centre- line: across the middle of the field

Hockey Players

  • A maximum of eleven players from each team take part in play at any particular time during the match
  • If a team has more than the permitted number of player on the field, time should stop to correct the situation.
  • A personal penalty may award against the captain of the team involved, if inadvertently having too many players on the pitch occurs for a very short period of time and does not materially affect the match.
  • With the ball being placed on the line, the restart is effectively within the 23 meters area and the provisions for taking a free hit are applicable.


Goalkeeping privileges or wears different colors shirt; no player may wear protective headgear except a face mask when defending a penalty corner or penalty stroke; all team players wear the same colors shirt.


Flip a Coin

If the team winning the toss chooses which goal to attack in the first half of the match, the opposing team starts the match.

  • If the team winning the toss chooses to start the match, the opposing team has the choice of which goal to attack in the first half of the match.
  • Direction of play reverse in the second half of the match.

Netball Rules

  • It permitted to play the ball in any direction.
  • All players other than the player taking the center pass must in the half of the field which includes the goal, so that they could defend.

Re Start

  • A bully takes place to restart a match when time or play has stopped for an injury or for any other reason and no penalty has awarded.
  • A bully take close to the location of the ball when play stop but not within 15 meters of the back line and not within 5 meters of the circle.
  • All other players must at least 5 meters from the ball.
  • A free hit take by a defender 15 meters in front of the center of the goal- line to restart a match when penalty stroke has completed and no goal has scored.

Play Out

  • The ball is out of play when it passes completely over the side-line or back- line.
  • Play restart by a player of the team which is not the last team to touch or play the balk before it go out of play.
  • When the ball plays over the back line, no goal score.
  • If plays unintentionally by a defender or deflect by a goalkeeper or player with goalkeeping privileges, play restart with the ball on the 23 meters line, and in line with where it cross the back line and the procedures for taking a free hit apply.

Goal Score

  • A goal score when the ball plays within the circle by an attacker and does not travel outside the circle before passing completely over the goal-line and under the cross- bar.
  • ( The ball may play by a defender or touch his body before or after being played in the circle by an attacker)


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