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Smart Ways to Coordinate Bride and Groom Outfits!

Bride and Groom OutfitsEverything looks better when it’s coordinated, especially when it comes to your wedding! One of the things that we see that couples lose their dreams before their wedding is the coordination of their wedding attire. Questions like “How to start? Will it look too much or too cheap?” It worries many, but do not worry, we’re here to help you.

Here are different ways in which you can coordinate your outfits and look perfectly in the picture at the wedding!

Let the bride stand in the foreground

When the bride has chosen, the groom can choose the color of something from her outfits (such as detail of the motif, border, lining, second dupatta, etc.) and turn on the color as an accent in her outfit.

Coordination of jewelry

Bride and Groom Outfits - JewelleryGrooms love to dress almost the same way that fiancés do, but they are often too shy to admit it. There is something really cute about a groom who dares to equip his costume with jewelry, thanks to which his mistress loves some company. When choosing jewelry, try to coordinate with the style and color of the jewelry. Another way of coordination is to complement each other with matching jewelry. If the bride is wearing a green lehenga, the groom can choose a neutral colored outfit emphasized by greenstone necklaces and vice versa. An example of a great look is the color like ivory and wearing matching contrasting jewelry with a pink ruby or sapphire. This look will certainly look like a dream.

Complementary colors

Bride-Groom OutfitsThere are colors that do not necessarily match and can even contrast with each other, while they look great together. The contrasting look of the bride and groom can be very eye-catching and attractive. Colors that look great together: Now that you’ve got the perfect matching guide in your kit, it’s time to get to work and choose your favorite ideas to coordinate the outfits. An additional benefit? You get stellar pictures for your wedding!

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