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How to live happily | Life is precious; live it but don’t waste!

LIVE HAPPILYWhen you say “no”, you can safely stay in your comfort zone. You do not have to be afraid of failure or rejection. The frightening unknown and sometimes difficult change can be avoided.

But if you say yes, your life can develop and deepen. So let’s open your life for more happiness.


Today I would like to share things that I said “yes” and which helped me become happier in my life. Choose one of the ones that’s the most in harmony with you and focus on making it part of your life.

Redeem purchase costs in the myths of excellence

Watching too many movies, listening to too many songs and considering what the world tells you, it’s easy to put dreams of perfection to sleep. It sounds so good and wonderful, and you want it.

But in real life, it interferes with reality and can harm or eventually lead to ending relationships, work, projects, etc. Just because your expectations are not of this world. I think it is very helpful to remember this simple fact.

Striving for perfection usually ends very slowly or never ends in a project

Striving-for-perfection-usuallySo go well enough. Do not use it as an excuse to slow down. But just be aware that there is something that is called good enough, and when you are there, you will end up with what you do.

Supporting people

Take more time to people who support your dreams, values ​​and you. Or they are at least neutral. And spend less time with people who always criticize you or just do not fit.

Supportive and expanding influences beyond everyday life

Change your environment not only close to yourself. Go further and spend more time with information sources that support your dreams and can provide information that will expand and make your life happier and more exciting. Find support from people you’ve never met through books, movies, blogs, forums and music. And spend less time with negative and limiting influences.

Try something new, even if it’s something small every week

Eat a vegetarian dish during lunch if you always eat meat. Listen to music that is not your ordinary cup of tea. Go to the cinema, cafeteria or pub with friends, if you usually spend the night. Or vice versa. Create variability and regularly expand your comfort zone to live a happier life.

Connect with what you once loved if it fell

If you used to fish, paint or play the guitar, and that really made you come alive, reconnect. Take advantage of this hour this week and see if it still brings you joy and makes you come alive.


Not attaching to the past and suffering that is there, but leaving it and looking to the future, and the future is an essential thing to find more happiness in your life.

Forgiving is not always easy and can take some time, but there are some things that can make it a little easier.

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