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How to keep your Nails clean and beautiful (woman)

KEEP-YOUR-NAILS-CLEAN-AND-BEAUTIFULRegular nail care results in healthy nails, from which you can proudly get to work or the city. Your nail care plan can be simple and inexpensive. In fact, says dermatologist D’Anne M. Kleinsmith, MD at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, being too aggressive in cleaning and maintaining nails, can actually expose normally strong nails to the risk of yeast or bacterial infections. You will not need frequent skin care to maintain good-looking nails if you follow these eight simple tips.

Tips for keep NAILS CLEAN AND BEAUTIFULThink about your skins, like a protective blanket around the bathtub. If you cut them too far or too aggressively you push them, you will damage them. This, in turn, causes the nail bed to open to infection.

As part of regular nail care to maintain healthy nails, Kleinsmith can cope with moisturizing cuticles and does not even push them back or even trim them during a professional manicure. Remember the signs of infection, including redness, pain, swelling, and even oil in the skin and nearby skin. Contact your doctor to get help with any infections.

“The trend in fashion is neat, more natural, shorter nails, and not long claws of the past,”

notes Kleinsmith. Regular trimming of nails helps maintain healthy nails and helps to avoid hooking or breaking. The frequency of pruning depends on how quickly nails grow. Use a fine file to smooth the edges of your nails.


As part of the manicure, you can also polish the nail surface lightly, especially if you tend to take your spines.

Many women risk getting infected by rigorous cleaning under their nails using long, pointed tools, both at home and during the manicure.

“Women or manicurists are trying to clean themselves so thoroughly under their fingernails that they end up with a kind of gap between the fingernail and the nail bed,” explains Kleinsmith. This type of aggressive nail care is an open door for bacterial or fungal infections. Instead, gently brush with an old-fashioned brush for healthy nails.

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