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Future price prediction of Cryptocurrency

CRYPTOCURRENCYAs the market direction is still uncertain, it is the perfect moment to look at some of the Bitcoin price forecasts. We have collected some of the most interesting BTC forecasts this year by well-known industry figures, cryptocurrency traders and popular communities. As always, price forecasts should be taken with a pinch of salt, but they can offer interesting prospects.

Bitcoin Price Predictions from 2019


Lucid Investment Strategies: $10 million per Bitcoin is a possibility

Let’s start with probably the most optimistic scenario for Bitcoin. In a speculative blog post from January, Lucid Investment Strategies D. Tyler Jenks and Leah Wald write that they believe that BTC could reach 10 million dollars in the future if it successfully replaces sovereign currencies by becoming a reserve currency for the world.

However, the couple writes that the altcoins, which are intended to replace the Bitcoins, will have to fall apart before the BTC will be able to conquer the new heights of all time. Jenks and Wald also predict that BTC will fall below $ 1,000 before moving to the next big race.

Bitcoin will reach $25,000 again

Fundstrat analyst Tom Lee is well-known for his bullish stance on Bitcoin, although his $ 25,000 prediction for 2018 did not quite pan out. In a January 25 interview with Fox Business, Lee believes once again that Bitcoin will eventually reach the $ 25,000 mark, but did not provide a timeframe for his prediction.

Bitwise’s financial advisor survey: mean BTC price target for the end of 2023 is $17,571

Bitwise Investments, a provider of cryptocurrency and beta index funds, surveyed over 150 financial advisers on their relationship to cryptocurrencies. 55% of surveyed financial advisors expect BTC to appreciate value over the next 5 years. Among the advisors consulted, the average Bitcoin target price as of December 31, 2023, amounted to USD 17,571.

Ethereum | Programmable contracts and money

ETHEREUM-CoinEthereum is in a controversial position: the opinion of specialists is leaning towards pessimistic predictions. Although Ethereum is still one of the major App development platforms, the situation can change if these networks are unable to handle the transaction load. Blockchain 3.0 and 4.0 designs attract the attention of Ethereum heels, and developers must improve scalability or go to EOS to ensure optimal performance.

It is difficult to calculate the price of future coins when the total supply is unknown. According to Vitalik Buterin, in 2020 there will be around 100 million ETH in circulation and the market share of Ethereum will be about 1 137 500 000 000.

Ripple | Enterprise payment settlement network

ripple-coinAccording to WalletInvestor, its price may increase by 380 percent and reach 0.6-0.7 dollars in a few years. The team at longforecast.com mentions a maximum price of $ 0.42. Anticipating the price of XRP 2020 from cryptoground.com is $ 1.20, making it the ideal solution for long-term investments.

EOS | Decentralized applications on web assembly

eos-CoinIf you’re undecided and are still wondering what coin to invest in, EOS will be a reliable way to get money in the not-so-distant future.

2020 may become the golden age of EOS: it can reach 95 USD in the middle of the year and fall to 55 USD by December 2020. Other forecasts include numbers such as 60 USD (Facebook) and 23 USD (Google).

Litecoin | Faster Bitcoin

Litecoin price can double in 2020 and reach $ 80. Some Internet users are sure that it will rise by 440 percent and reach ~ $ 234 in the middle of 2020.


Events such as crypto implementation around the world and the next global economic crisis may contribute to increasing the value of cryptocurrency. Despite the rumours, the bubble will not explode either in 2019 or in 2020. Therefore, if you decide on the best coin to invest, you can multiply your wealth in two years. Do not let this golden opportunity pass: buy the 10 best coins when they are still available.

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