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Five beautiful Hair Style for perfect date (woman)

BEAUTIFUL HAIR STYLEIt’s about long hair – it makes you look like a goddess, just like it can not be any other length of hair. Do not forget that you are getting a compliment that strengthens your self-esteem at least once a day.

Now, lovely ladies, I would never want you to succumb to this frustration. So here I’ve compiled my favourite hairstyles for girls with long hair, so you can do it easily without tears!

Falling Out Pony

The appearance of Chloe Grace Moretz is especially perfect for those of us who chronically push our hairs behind our ears. (While utilitarian, rolled-up hair does not scream, “Let’s do magic!”) When you spread your hair to the side, secure your pony lower than the lower, trimmed in the lower few inches of hair. Your strands are out of your face, but your hair still looks like it’s down.


BEAUTIFUL-HAIR-STYLEOh, are you a haircut? Like Emma Stone. And when she feels this way, the hairdresser, Mara Roszak, copies things, adds a few tiny braids, then collects the hair of the actress just above her neck. The style works particularly well if your layers in the front are shorter than the length at the back. In this way, you can attach a short braid at the base of the pony, not break another rubber.

Side Braids

SIDE BRAIDSOlivia Culpo’s bright, low updo looks decorative. In fact? Hair in the middle part with two small French braids gathered in a tuft on the neck and pinned in any way. It is precise with a red carpet, but it is also a style that looks great, sloppy and neglected.

Chunky Fishtail

If you have quite a lot of hair like Angela Sarafyan, maybe there is no style that turns the needle between a lush and composed quite like an uncomplicated fishtail.

Face-Framing Crimps

FACE-FRAMING-CRIMPSIf you feel more comfortable, pulling your hair away – whether it’s a bun or a braid, or just an untidy cluster – considering relaxing things like hairdresser Keith Carpenter did for Olivia Munn. By pulling 1 1/2 “sections from the hairline along its parts, and then clamping them, the style is immediately softer and more accessible. You left the clamp with AquaNet in the 80s. Several presses with a curling iron like.

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