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Facts and Tips of ICE Hockey

Facts and tips of ICE hockeyIn 1850s, the modern game, ICE Hockey was invented in Canada. However, the rules of the games were lay down by students at McGill University and many amateur clubs and leagues were organized in Canada in the late 1880s.

ICE hockey Ground

Mostly people believe that the Ice Hockey was first played in the US in the year of 1893. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, sport spread to England and other parts of Europe. A modern game developed in Canada and is currently very popular in North America and Eastern Europe.

Tips to play ICE hockey

Play ICE hockey

  1. Locate the disc and find the place where you will find yourself between it and the network
  2. When you do it, if you cannot challenge the person with the disc, find the next biggest threat on the ice and mark them, raising your stick or playing man on a man, if you ever chase a carrier with a disc, do not race their tail, watch them angle and cut off.
  3. If you’re chasing a disc, do not follow them with your tail. Go to the place where the disc is most likely to be found, not where it is.

You should follow the above Defence tips for Ice hockey players. We all know that the NHL is the most important league in the world; this National Hockey League includes teams from the United States and Canada but for many years almost all NHL Canadians. The winning team from this competition receives the Stanley Trophy Cup. Ice hockey became an Olympic sport in 1920 and is one of the most popular events at the Winter Olympics.

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