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5 Remedies & Tips for Remove Hyperpigmentation


HyperpigmentationHyperpigmentation is the creation of excess melanin causing dark marks on the skin. Age spots, liver spots, blotches, sunspots, pregnancy mark are all sorts of hyperpigmentation and there are many treatments obtainable to deduct or remove the darker skin. Human skin consist on melanocyte cells that make melanin, a pigment finds in the skin, hair and eyes, by a process called melanogenesis. Too much melanin results in hyper pigmented skin, ordinary examples are such as freckles and age spots.

Excess Melanin

Hyperpigmentation relates to the areas of skin where an excess of melanin produces and forms deposits, generating skin patches that appear darker than the surrounding skin. Similarly, when skin damages or affects by hormones, the body produces too much melanin and also prevails it unevenly, so dark, patchy color spreads on the surface.

Hyperpigmentation Causes

Certain illnesses and medications are known to cause hyperpigmentation. Common substances of skin hyperpigmentation contains on;

  • Sun exposure
  • Hormone changes
  • Heredity
  • Pimples
  • bungled skin treatments
  • Pigmented acne scarring
  • Birthmarks

Outer factors like immoderate sun exposure, skin injury, burning, sentimental anxiety or contact with certain chemicals can also cause hyperpigmentation.

Types of Pigments


The common type of pigmentation is ephelides. These grow after continual exposure to sunlight, especially if you have a fair complexion. These occur darker during the sunlit months while dim in the winter. Heredity also effects on freckling.

Sun Damaged Skin

Liver spots or sun spots, these are pigmented spots with a clearly explained outline. They may happen anywhere on the body and differ in colour from light brown to black. These spots are produced by UV sun exposure and the level depends on how much UV light these melanin pigments has revealed. However, they may develop into skin cancer and melanoma. So, annual checks with your skin specialist are essential.


malesmaMelasma is pigmentation that is profound in the skin’s corium. It reveals on the face as larger brown patches with a dissimilar border. This sort of pigmentation is ordinary in women. Though     the causes of melasma are mysterious, but it often invigorate by hormonal increases. The condition makes substandard with UV exposure, some medications, pregnancy and stress. Hyperpigmentation is also symptomatic of certain illnesses, such as some chronic and gastrointestinal diseases, anabolic problems and vitamin deduction. Hyperpigmentation is also a reaction of certain hormone treatments, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, antimalarials, anti-seizure drugs, and other medications.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

This is a reaction to injury of the skin and may result of acne, eczema or Psoriasis cut, burns, friction or some other sorts of skin inflammation, it knows as PIH, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Assertive clinical treatments are such as chemical peels and chemical exposure, dermabrasion, laser and IPL. This condition often sorts out with time and usually reciprocates to topical products, although it may happen again.  It appears when the skin moves towards darkened and discoloured after the wound has healed.

Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is one way to remove hyperpigmentation and contains on applying an acidic formula to the face, hands or feet to detach the surface layers of the skin. These chemicals substance the skin to abscess and eventually peel off, revealing new and evenly pigmented skin beneath.

Laser Treatment for Face

laser-therpyLaser therapies have much the same effect, but inclined to be more exact, as the dermatologist has more authority over the potential of the treatment. This therapy terminates the affected areas with high-energy light. The lenient treatments work just on the skin’s external layer, while more extreme and enormous treatments can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

Cool Laser Skin Treatment

Cool laser treatment does not generate heat or burn, it uses different colors of cold light. It is a speedy, secure, and accurate healing measure with no known danger or after effects. It acts on aging, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema.  This treatment uses reasoned light to invigorate the revitalize your skin cells. Cool Laser Treatment is a profound and highly effective treatment. These dermatological treatments are very efficacious against hyperpigmentation but they are costly and relatively invasive. Because they can provoke, inflame or even burn skin, this is why, they become a cause of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, especially in people with darker skin. Clinical laser and light treatments can significantly remove or even cure hyperpigmentation, but it pays to maintain results with devoted home care products. Quality active skincare goes hand in hand with an in-clinic treatment plan and, of course, an SPF30-50 sunscreen that is appropriate to use on the face, neck, hands and décolletage.

Other Treatments

Similarly, in current years, a number of products that claim to remove hyperpigmentation have emerged. Most rely on one of the following active ingredients to reduce melanin production and deduct the appearance of dark spots.

  • Until recently, hydroquinone or hydrochinone was the strongest energetic ingredient for tackling hyperpigmentation. It’s still accessible in some over-the-counter remedies in the US, but only in low close thought of 2% or less. Hydroquinone can also cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, as it’s a source of vexation for the skin.
  • Similarly, a vitamin C serum can light and reduce the dark spots and sun spots around the cheeks and eyes .It is better for hyper-pigmentation too.


Dark Spot Treatment 

  • Dark spots from early sun damage appears in light-skinned individuals tend to be more external, affects only the top layer of skin. Dermatologists commonly prescribes topical hydroquinone or retinol for treatment. For melasma, hydroquinone therapy is used as an important treatment.
  • Darker-skinned patients resistant to over-the-counter therapies .Darmalogiests recommend some combination and chemical peels, which consists of higher concentrations of active ingredients than those used for lighter-skin tones, permit the active ingredients to reach the deeper, affected pigment. Some of the active ingredients recently use for darker-skinned individuals comprise on salicylic acid, lactic acid, resorcinol, kojic acid, mandelic acid, and tretinoin.
  • Daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or greater is highly prescribed to rid of further darkening of the skin. The newest sunscreens are not as opaque or difficult to apply as in the past and it works well for darker-skinned patients.


Hyperpigmentation Remedies

Aloe Vera for Hyperpigmentation

Aloe Vera works magnificently on hyper pigmented skin due to the presence of mucilaginous polysaccharides in the aloe. You can get rid of the dead skin cells and Aloe Vera develops regeneration of new skin cells. Aloe Vera has been using for skin for 6000 years. Its famous properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial make it flawless remedy for different skin diseases.

  • Before going to bed, apply 2 tab spoon fresh aloe Vera gel on the hyper pigmented skin and leave it on overnight. Rinse it off in the morning to the cold water. Follow this remedy every night for a few weeks to achieve good results.
  • Mix two tablespoons of aloe Vera gel and 1 tea spoon of honey and 1 tea spoon orange juice, and allow it to settle for 10 minutes. Now apply the mixture to the pigmentation and let it dry naturally. After 20 minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water. Follow this remedy once daily for at least two weeks and every other day thereafter until you get the good results.

Vitamin E for Hyperpigmentation

Vitamin E is an obvious treatment for skin hyperpigmentation. Being an antioxidant, vitamin E prevents the skin from the effects of harmful Uv rays of the sun.

  • Cut three vitamin E capsule and put the contents in a bowl. Add three or four drops of olive oil to it and mix well. Apply the mixture on the affected skin before going to bed. Rinse it off the next morning. Follow this remedy daily for two to three weeks.
  • You can make a homemade mask with one tab spoon sugar cane juice, two tablespoon of blended peach,1 tea spoon honey,1 tea spoon lemon juice and the contents of two vitamin E capsules. Mix the ingredients together to form a thick paste. Apply the mixture evenly on the affected area, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this regularly, once a week.

Similarly, massage vitamin E oil into the affected skin for 3-4 minutes twice daily to reduce hyperpigmentation. Follow this simple remedy for a few weeks until you attain positive results.

Papaya for Hyperpigmentation

Papaya fills with the antioxidant vitamin C and high in fiber, vitamin C is good for skin. It contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. However, it also works as a strong exfoliator and dissolves slow proteins and dead skin cells. In addition, it makes your skin bright and softer.

Papaya (puree)1 tab spoon
Orange peel (powder)1 tea spoon
Orange juice1 tab spoon
Vitamin E3 capsules
  1. Combine all ingredients in the bowl and mix well until smooth.
  2. Apply this mixture onto the affected areas of your skin.
  3. Leave the mixture on for about 20 minutes.
  4. Wash off with lukewarm water.
  5. Use it twice in a week.

Cucumber for Hyperpigmentation

Cucumber is rich in fiber and contains a variety of beneficial minerals in which include silica, potassium and magnesium. The silica in cucumber is a vital part of healthy connective tissue, in which includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone. Cucumber juice is often suggested as a source of silica to make better the complexion and health of the skin. However, cucumber’s high water content makes it naturally hydrating and it also good for glowing skin.

Cucumber Juice 2 tablespoon
Aloe Vera gel1 tablespoon
Honey1 tea spoon
Lemon Juice1 tea spoon
  1. In a bowl, combine the ingredients until you get a smooth mixture.
  2. Apply this mixture onto the affected areas of your skin.
  3. Leave the mixture on for about 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Face Mask for Hyperpigmentation

Almonds are great sources of vitamin E, it also calls the skin vitamin.  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which helps treat skin pigmentation and keeps the skin healthy.

Honey1 tea spoon
Lemon Juice1 tea spoon
Banana (blended)2 tablespoon
Milk1 tablespoon
  1. Leave the almonds in water to soak overnight.
  2. In the morning, grind the soaked almonds to a smooth paste. You may add a little milk to the mixture if it is not smooth enough.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients to the almond paste and mix well.
  4. Apply this mixture onto the affected areas of your skin.
  5. Leave it on overnight.
  6. In the morning, rinse with cold water.
  7. Use it every night, before bed, for two weeks.

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